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Nature Heals
Gerti Schoen

Welcome to Nature Heals

Fusing modern psychology, nature connection, and the wisdom of deep time

About Me

A Western psychotherapist's journey into the deep roots of spiritual healing. I am endlessly fascinated by the ways indigenous cultures have known to connect to the land and to each other, and I am still learning about that. I do know quite a few things about mental health, and how to heal the scars of our relentlessly fast and exhausting culture. Everyone has the wisdom of the ancient ways in their DNA, we only have to resolve to recover it.

This is for you if

  • you want to engage deeply in healing yourself, and healing the Earth on a spiritual level
  • you are looking for a way out of the constraints of our consumerist and perfectionist culture
  • you are looking for a community who gets you
  • you want to explore the Scared Feminine and Masculine that's in all of us
  • you feel isolated or in need of connection

What you'll get

  • Weekly live healing/learning sessions, followed by a Q&A
  • Nature is my Temple: Sunday invitations to strengthen your bond to the more than human world
  • A supportive community of people who are also learning to heal and connect 
  • A 30 day self guided course about the Fundamentals of Healing
  • An ever growing library of tools and guided visualizations about various mental health topics
  • Shared space to introduce yourself and share your wisdom
  • Additional courses on the Fundamentals of Healing and Women's Circles

What it looks like inside

Why you should join

Because our local communities often don't offer the kind of kinship we crave, we have to resort to virtual gatherings to find the healing and support we need. Join me in on this journey of discovery! 


I love the measured, calm and knowledgeable style of this. I reached a bit of a dead end with patriarchal spiritual origins and there is a lot of great things here, thank you 😊🙏 Eve C., Pangbourse, UK about the course The Fundamentals of Healing

The experience was life changing. I went from a feeling of dread to being expansive and at peace. Mindy S., NJ about the Women's Circle

I just finished day 7 on the topic of anxiety and fear. It was really insightful. There’s allot of similar info out there but I feel you added more substance and in doing so it resonated with me like never before. I’ve been trying to “do self compassion meditations” but not until now did I realize that in order to truly be self compassion we must reassure ourselves AND take a strengths perspective too. What are we doing well or have we done well in the past and build on it. As a life coach and social worker I too forget to incorporate these tools into my healing. Thank you! I am enjoying each and every class and savouring them.

Brooks W. in Vancouver, CA about the course The Fundamentals of Healing

A Big Thanks

To everyone of you who made it here - who strives to heal yourself, and the Earth, in the process; who is working tirelessly to find a way back to our natural roots; and who is willing to change the world, one step at a time 💚🙏💚

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